fix: issues in cabal file / hackage upload
[acid-state-dist.git] / makefile
2015-08-21 Max Voitenhan: cleanup, comments on examples
2015-08-12 Max Voitfix: makefile for bench
2015-08-12 Max Voitfix: benchmark regression
2015-08-06 Max Voitenhan: change to IntMap where possible
2015-08-06 Max Voitfix: debug messages on increments, updatenodestatus
2015-07-24 Max Voitenhan: grouped benchmarks, less code duplication, make...
2015-07-24 Max Voitenhan: benchmarks, debug via flag: -f-debug to disable
2015-07-23 Max Voitenhan: Slave timeout handlers
2015-07-23 Max Voittest: Simple refined, SlaveUpdates added