fix: issues in cabal file / hackage upload
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2015-08-21 Max Voitenhan: cleanup, comments on examples
2015-08-19 Max Voitenhan: readme file for github
2015-08-11 Max Voitexample: safer versions of HelloWorldSlave
2015-08-09 Max Voitexamples: small additions in intslave
2015-08-06 Max Voitexample: IntExample moved
2015-08-06 Max Voitfix: error put in event-result for timed out Updates
2015-08-06 Max Voitfix: restore hwmaster example
2015-08-06 Max Voitexample: Threaded added
2015-07-22 Max Voitdescription for HelloWorld example
2015-07-22 Max Voitfixed and moved HelloWorld example