fix: issues in cabal file / hackage upload
[acid-state-dist.git] / acid-state-dist.cabal
2015-08-21 Max Voitfix: issues in cabal file / hackage upload master
2015-08-21 Max Voitfix: cabal-file, readme, minor documentation additions
2015-08-05 Max Voittest: SyncTimeout and UpdateError
2015-08-05 Max Voittest: for n replication
2015-07-29 Max Voitbench: Slave benchmark added
2015-07-29 Max Voitenhan: CRCFail test added
2015-07-24 Max Voitenhan: benchmarks, debug via flag: -f-debug to disable
2015-07-23 Max Voitfix: test OrderingRandom race condition
2015-07-23 Max Voittest: OrderingRandom
2015-07-23 Max Voitfix: No sync timeout on premature liberateState
2015-07-23 Max Voittest: CRCFail frame, CheckpointSync complete
2015-07-23 Max Voitfix: Wall sugesstions
2015-07-23 Max Voittest: Simple refined, SlaveUpdates added
2015-07-22 Max Voittest simple refined
2015-07-22 Max VoitopenFrom for Master and Slaves
2015-07-20 Max Voittest: replication, needs fix for slave/master state
2015-07-20 Max Voitcleanup: strip trailing whitespaces
2015-07-18 Max Voitcheckpoint transfer framework
2015-07-15 Max Voitslave quit fixed, fine
2015-07-15 Max Voitslave quit more complete
2015-06-27 Max Voitcommit just for debugging state
2015-06-18 Max Voitcorrect revision handling in Slave
2015-06-17 Max Voitseparated Slave and Master parts
2015-06-15 Max Voitbeginnings of slave, more communication
2015-06-13 Max Voitbeginning of node-status - for discussion
2015-06-12 Max Voitrame for more reactive concept
2015-06-06 Max Voit(crude) beginnings of master part